• A Guide To Colour For Spring 2012

    February 3rd, 2012

    Women In Dark Blue Wholesale Dress

    Keeping up with the trends and making sure you’re ahead of the game is top on the priority list for any self-defined fashionista, and the only way to begin establishing your sartorial superiority is with colour.  The experts have already released their verdict on what’s in and what’s out for Spring 2012, so below is a brief summary of their predictions and what has changed since last year.     



    ‘Tangerine Tango’ has been named one of the colours of the year and bright shades of orange and red are sure to make an entrance.  The perennial counterpart to orange, yellow, is set to become popular too.  Orange and yellow especially have featured heavily on the runway in a variety of shades.  Think desert yellows, terra cotta and sun-bleached oranges.  There’s talk of neon-like brightness making a comeback in combination with more dulcet and sweet pastel colours.  A noted must-have item is a neon tangerine laced tank top, perfect for a bright spring day or warm summer evening.    

    All in White

    Dressing head-to-toe in white is a bold statement and in the past has been considered dated and tacky, but that’s all set to change!  The runway has been a total white wash-out for countless designers from Nina Ricci to Ferre to Bebe (to name but a few).   It seems that white really is the new black as we’re starting to see chic, stylish white attire.  Look out for contemporary suit silhouettes in white, or the classic white summer dress with a cute white bolero jacket.


    Nude and taupe shades have a timeless quality to them and when worn well can be the height of sophistication.  The celeb world is already showing its favour for these particular hues, as we’re starting to see off white, bridal inspired wear a lot on the red carpet. You’re likely to see a lot of evening wear in these colours on the high street.   Think 1920s style, flappers, lace, gloves and embroidery. 


    There’s a wide variety of blues set to be popular but one theme seems to be a Mediterranean-esque style, with a deep dark blue, a teal-turquoise and a ‘cockatoo’ blue all coming in.  You’ll likely see blues fitting both the vivid palette expected to come in and the demure pastels as well.  Look out for eye-catching aqua teal dresses and conservative blue suits.  The playsuit may well make a brief appearance in blue also.    

    Black and White

    A classic combination which though it never went ‘out’, so to speak, is most certainly coming ‘in’ with prominence in Spring.  A play on the tuxedo which began in 2011 will be taken further this season and ubiquitous black and white stripes are still ok for the foreseeable future.   

    +Jonathan Crewe