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Your Guide to Trends and Fashion News


There are many factors to consider when it comes to choosing and coordinating your retail fashion stock. Whilst it is easy to get bogged down in orders, timings, stock levels, pricing and displays, it is always advisable to step back and take a good look at the most important element, the actual stock itself.

With experience, most fashion buyers get a pretty good idea of the popular lines that will sell season after season. However, if you are wanting to position yourself as a forward thinking retailer, it is essential that you take a look at what is going on in the fashion world to ensure that your stock doesn’t get pigeon holed as ‘safe’, or even worse, ‘dated’. We have created this guide to offer some tips and advice on ensuring that you have your finger on the pulse of the upcoming fashions.

This guide will cover tips and advice on:

Keeping stock on trend

Keeping up with the fashion press, both in the glossies and online will give you a good overview of what’s currently on trend. There are numerous excellent fashion bloggers online, all to ready to point you in the right direction. This can be a great starting point, especially if your boutique has a distinct style and you can follow a particular blogger who epitomises the tone of your stock. However, whilst it is essential to keep up with what’s going on in the fashion press right now, realistically you will need to know what these trends are going to be prior to them hitting the shelves. Because when other retailers are stocking up on them, you need to be stocking up on them too.

How can you predict what is going to be on trend?

There is no magic fashion crystal ball involved in determining what is going to be on trend, however there are teams of fashion forward individuals all around the world, working in the Trend Forecasting industry, who are responsible for researching and pin pointing up and coming trends. Trend forecasters work well in advance of styles becoming main stream, taking inspiration from what is going on in the world of design, technology, the economy and social issues to help build a picture of what to expect in trends to come. Alongside the facts and figures, trend forecasters have a keen intuition for style and an eye for the ‘next big thing’.

Fashion Shows

The best way to keep up with the latest trends is to regularly visit Fashion Shows, where you can see first-hand what the designers are showcasing. These shows present the ideal time to pinpoint styles and consider what you are wanting to order for the upcoming season.

Trade Shows

An important part of the retail calendar is attending Trade Shows. This is a great way of checking out the competition, getting an idea of the kind of stock range that you want to carry and also for building your brand awareness within the industry. Continental Textiles regularly exhibit at trade shows, so come and pay us a visit and check out our product range.

What’s on trend for the upcoming season?

As we are all well aware, wild and wonderful fashions come and go in a heartbeat and what we see on the catwalk is often anything but wearable. Take a look at Continental’s round up of the most wearable fashions for the upcoming season.


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