Free UK Del Over £300  |  Low Min Orders - £200

Frequently Asked Questions - Orders & Returns

We have answered the following frequently asked questions to help simplify the process of ordering and returning stock. You can view our other frequently asked questions by clicking here.


Is VAT included in the price?

VAT is not included in the price and will be added at the current rate. Children’s items are tax exempt.


Can I mix sizes and colours in one style?

Unfortunately, all our styles come pre-mixed in ratio packs and we cannot split these packs.


Can I order wholesale products with free shipping?

For deliveries to mainland UK we offer free shipping on orders of £300+. For the rest of the UK, free shipping is available on orders of £400+. EC countries are subject to delivery charges, which are calculated per carton. Find out more here.


Do you sell wholesale in the UK with no minimum order?

The minimum order for all our stock is £200 excluding VAT. This doesn’t have to be restricted to one type of product. This allows us to maintain our low prices.


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