BAA Tiana

A Q&A with our BAA Tiana Cole if anyone is thinking about an internship or career move…

>> What did you most enjoy about your internship at South Beach and what made you switch from Merch to Buying?

The best part about my internship at South Beach was the opportunity to have insight into all aspects of the company across departments, this solidified my decision of career path I wanted to pursue. I knew the industry experience of my placement would play a fundamental role in supporting my growth and development. I was open to both Merchandising & Buying, I hadn’t previously had any experience within the industry and both roles were suited to my degree at the University of Manchester. The switch from Merchandising to Buying came very natural to me, I thoroughly enjoyed Merchandising and the opportunity it gave me to further develop my skills, particularly my analytical thinking and problem solving ability. However, I knew that my strongest interest in the industry was always the creative side. I was fortunate enough to experience this transition across teams at South Beach and return as a BAA after I graduated.

>> Did you always know you wanted to work in fashion?

No, I have always loved fashion but my school had a huge focus on science and mathematics. This meant I had little education and exposure into the opportunities there were to be had within the fashion industry and instead saw fashion as a hobby. I went to University with the intention of pursuing a career in Neuroscience, however at the end of my first year decided to make the switch and change my love for fashion into a career, completing a degree in Fashion Buying & Merchandising with a year in industry. The best decision I ever made!

>> What’s the best part about your role as BAA?

The most best part is definitely trend research and sample development. I am also very fortunate to work closely and learn from other team members who have years of insightful industry experience.

>> What’s the not so good part about your role?

There isn’t a bad part!

>> What one tip would you give to someone starting out their career in fashion buying?

Take all the experience and opportunities available, allow yourself to have exposure into different roles across the industry to discover which is best suited to you.

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