Valentine’s Day is a strange holiday - its become very commercial... some people love it & other people hate it!


In any case if you're a small business you need to get on board!  The most important things are to be creative and be authentic. Don’t try to make a concept that doesn’t align with your business work just to fit the theme. Your customers will know - find a fun approach that fits. Use what you know about your customers. Are your customers mostly male or female? What age range or income bracket are they in? What other brands do they like and identify with?


Days like Valentines Day give you a reason to ask your customers to do something - Whether you want to offer a discount, or a special service like gift wrapping, use the run up to Valentine’s Day as a reason to talk to your customers. Use your email list, use social media, write something in your window, create a new banner on your homepage. Use a special themed call to action to get people buying in the days before February 14th. But don’t overthink it. Asking them to do something in conjunction with Valentine’s Day is a lot easier than celebrating any other random day of the week. This is basically a happy shopping day!


// Create an Email or Social Media Gift Guide

Pick from among your favourite romantic-themed items or Galentine items for a girls night in - available around the city or online, and suggest them to your customers. Make it a snappy little microsite, a PDF, an Instagram video or Snapchat story, or just an email. Express your brand by aligning yourself with products your customers will love.


// Make Valentine’s Day Customer Appreciation Day

What can you offer them on Valentine’s Day to show them that you care? It could be as simple as free sweets or chocolate hearts, or even just free delivery with every purchase. It doesn't have to be anything mega just as long as you give them something in exchange.


// Run a Competition

Its the best time to hook up with another like minded brand and work together to do a competition? You can give something away and they can - make it even better! You can do this on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Use a hashtag, ask them to tag in friends for more entries - this is a great opportunity to get people talking about your brand and sharing it with their friends.


// Go Against the Grain

Maybe you think Valentine’s Day is the worst! After all a lot of people are with you on that! Change your Valentine’s Day marketing so it appeals to the single people - offer a special deal to singles, or Tweet out funny #singlelife quotes.  Along the lines of a contest, offer a prize for them and their friends - staying in is the new going out etc etc!