The hooded beach towel is set to be a BEST SELLER for the holiday season and here’s why…

Beach towels are a must-have for every family holiday but for SS18, the humble beach towel is about to get an upgrade. Imagine a plush towel with a snuggly hood to keep your little ones warm and dry as soon as they step out of the sea. As parents, we’ve all witnessed the post-swim shivers and the hooded beach towel is the answer to keeping cold kids as cosy as possible.

This style of towel is already listed as a best seller on Amazon, and some of the biggest high street brands (including Primark and George ASDA) have been selling out each summer. To compete with the bigger names out there, the kids hooded towel should be an essential part of any holiday offering. And the key to standing out against competition is to have beautiful designs and fun novelty characters that can’t be found anywhere else on the high street or online.

We have NEW hooded towels available to order right now, with designs suitable for both boys and girls. Here are our top picks:

The Unicorn Hooded Towel


The Unicorn Hooded Towel is set to be a big hit with kids of all ages. It’s super soft to the touch and features a beautiful rainbow design as well as a 3D hood with horn and ears. Measures 24” x 48” and comes in a pack of 12.



The Superhero Hooded Towel


The Superhero Hooded Towel is more than just a practical towel that will dry them off after getting out of the pool. It is so much fun to wear and will fuel their imaginations…..miniature supermen will never want to take it off! Measures 24” x 48” and comes in a pack of 12.



The Butterfly Hooded Towel


Featuring bright and beautiful colours, the Butterfly Hooded Towel is a must-have for little girls (or boys) who love chasing butterflies in the summer months. The universal design is perfect for bath time, swimming lessons, camping trips or family holidays to the beach. Measures 24” x 48” and comes in a pack of 12.



The Shark Hooded Towel


Watch out for shark infested waters! This seaside themed towel is a popular choice for the summer holiday season. Measures 24” x 48” and comes in a pack of 12.



For the full range, browse our kids hooded towels online and order direct from our website.