Which one are you?

Understanding body shapes is extremely important when it comes to shopping for swimwear. Knowing the right cut, colours and fabrics to choose can make a world of difference to a woman’s confidence on the beach. But according to a study by Manchester Metropolitan University, only 10% of women in the UK can identify their own body shape correctly. Whilst most women believe that they are an hourglass (in reality, it’s only 13% who have this body type), the most common is in fact the rectangle (which makes up 63% of women in Britain).

Here are the most common body shapes in order of the study - which you can shop from to stock up your collection to cover all body shapes and also share with your customers so they know which one is right for them!



Defined by a small bust and narrow hips, or a straight body with minimal curves. This shape makes up more than half of British women. This is the most common shape to be shopping for when it comes to holiday season, and women should be shopping for pieces that give the illusion of curves or accentuate what they already have.

Best Swimwear:

- Bikinis with ruching / frills

- Embellished bikinis

- Triangle bikinis

- Padded bikini tops

- Bikini bottoms with tie sides



Women with hourglass figures can be curvy or slim, but the common feature is a defined waist with hips around the same width as the shoulders. Generally speaking, this shape is the easiest to style.

Best Swimwear:
- Halter neck bikinis
- Strapless bikinis
- Bandeau bikinis
- Matching sets

Pear shapes are usually heavier on their lower half. So the hips, legs and bottom will carry more weight, usually with a smaller bust and narrower shoulders. The key to finding swimwear is flattering fabric and using the patterns to balance proportions.

Best Swimwear:
- Patterned bikini tops (with plain bottoms)
- Padded bikini tops
- Bikini tops with ruching / frills
- Low cut bottoms

The inverted triangle is top heavy, so finding the right support will be her number one concern. The best swimwear styles for this body type include tops that will provide lift and briefs that can rebalance the smaller bottom half.

Best Swimwear:
- Cupped bikini tops
- Underwired bikini tops
- Patterned briefs (with plain top)

For more swimwear styles and inspiration, visit our Holiday Shop. We have a range of bikini and swimwear shapes available to order online, with designs for every body type.