In recent years, there has been a better awareness of eye health, with events such as National Eye Health Week, Health Vision Month, and World Sight Day helping to spread the word.
New research is frequently being undertaken to warn us of the importance of protecting our eyes from harmful UV rays, making eyewear more essential than ever. Not only can sunglasses complete an outfit or add an edge to your look, but they are also must-haves for those who want to keep their eyes healthy. Today, catwalks and fashion collections have a much bigger focus on eyewear, and ever-emerging trends are changing the way we shop for sunglasses. No longer an afterthought, eyewear is now taking centre stage as a key accessory in every woman’s wardrobe.


Here are some of the hottest summer eyewear trends that retailers need to know about...

Flash Lenses


Mirrored sunglasses are a huge trend in 2017. As seen on celebs of every type / age from the likes of Gigi Hadid, Kylie Jenner and Cheryl Cole to the likes of Brad Pitt, Beyonce and Robert Pattinson. The flash lens has become an eyewear staple for the summer.


Rainbow / Spectrum Lenses


A fun and funky take on the popular mirrored lens, rainbow sunglasses are perfect for festivals, holidays and summer events. Spectrum lenses usually feature more than one colour, not only giving you a unique look but also optimising your vision in different lighting conditions.


Rose Gold Sunglasses


From rose gold smartphones to hardware on handbags, this luxurious metal has become a firm favourite in the world of fashion. Providing a stylish and elegant alternative to silver or gold. And the chicest accessory of the moment is rose gold eyewear, an effortless and affordable way for women to embrace the trend. One that is super flattering for all skin tones.


Cateye Sunglasses


Oozing retro charm, cateye frames have always had a place in fashion. But in 2017, the cateye story has a few twists and turns that will give the trend a unique spin. New prints, patterns and colours will combine the old with new, and exaggerated / extended frame fronts will add a new level of glamour. Do look out for the cool, new cateye style this year!


Geometric Frames

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Advanced geos are taking over. Forget square and rectangular lenses, 2017 is all about polygons such as hexagons and octagons. These shades are so fashion forward and are perfect for everyday wear.