The ultimate guide for online retailers looking to maximise for Black Friday 2017…

The trend of Black Friday is changing. And it has been for a few years. More and more shoppers are moving away from the in-store push-and-shove shopping experience to shopping online. Who can blame them? If you want to make sure you’re prepared for Black Friday on the 24th November, here are some great marketing tips to follow!


Tip 1 – Be smartphone ready


According to the IMRG Capgemini eRetail Sales Index, “UK online sales exceeded £130 billion in 2016”. And this was fuelled by sales growth on smartphones. So this November is not the time for mobile glitches!


Tip 2 – Target your emails


Customers are not all the same, so segment your users for a better email click-through rate. Target emails by demographics / location and more!


Tip 3 – Personalise the campaign


Emails with the customer name are much more personable. They are also much more likely to get the reader’s attention and make them feel like the offers have been selected for them.


Tip 4 – Make it a homepage feature 


Use your homepage to promote your Black Friday Sale.


Tip 5 – Entice shoppers with a preview


Provide a preview to your Black Friday offers so customers can plan ahead for the event on 24th November.


Tip 6 – Select trending products




This year’s trending products (according to data compiled by Oberlo) will include winters jackets and warm outerwear, as well as fitnesswear and shapewear.


Tip 7 – Keep it seasonal


As well as trending products, remember to include top-selling seasonal items. Onesies and nightwear always perform well at this time of year. And smaller items that make good stocking fillers (such as slippers) are also a big hit before Christmas.


Tip 8 – Make your discounts desirable


Your offers need to be able to compete with hundreds of other retailers, so make sure you create desirable discounts to hook your shoppers in. If you’re not able to offer massive price cuts, try to stand out in other ways. Create a Facebook event, organise something for charity or create an enticing giveaway.


Tip 9 – Use social media


Social media is a great way of getting more exposure for your sales. Time your posts for the most engaging / interactive hours of the day to get your Black Friday promo out there.


Tip 10 – Create a sense of urgency


One day sales, flash sales and countdown clocks are a great way of encouraging people to shop with you. This can really help to increase click-through rate on emails and boost conversion online.



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