This season, we focus in on a luxury accessory trend. One that has already exploded all over Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest and other image based social media platforms. When you thought that a simple beach towel couldn’t get any more exciting, SS16 brings the rounded beach towel. A towel designed for the free spirit, the beach bum and the boho babe.


Inspired by ethnic and tribal prints, Mexican bandana prints, Indian paisley patterns, life in the 70s as well as festival / beach subcultures, the round beach towel offers an ‘inclusive’ sense of fashion; one which at the heart of its designs, brings people together and is accessible for every type of customer. The round beach towel represents friendship and love, the coming together of all cultures, good times with music; and of course the unique designs just ooze a sense of summer. With boho trends and hippie inspired prints coming back season after season, and from the explosive response on social media, we believe the round beach towel to be a serious contender to become a game-changing swim / beach accessory, one with true staying power.


But beyond the trends, the rounded towel design also offers some practical value to the modern day beach bum or any woman with a busy, spontaneous and ever changing lifestyle. These rounded beach towels can be used as an indoor or outdoor yoga mat, they can be used as a picnic blanket in the park, they can be used as a chic rug in a summer house or conservatory, or they can even be styled as a throw and work as part of home décor. And because this trend is so inclusive, it will become a must-have for everyone in SS16.

round towels

Our collection of round beach towels are made of 100% cotton, feature luxury fringing, and come available in trade packs of 3. Browse our full collection of beach towels online or contact our team for further information.