Visual merchandising has entered into a digital era, with Millennial audiences shaping the way we shop. Here are some top tips to help you merchandise your products for today’s online generation.


The way that people shop, share and communicate is changing. With the growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) and with smart technology getting smarter, products now need to be digitally driven, even those displayed in-store. Read on for our merchandising tips to help you reach the Millennial and Gen Z shopper.


  1. “Don’t ignore mobile!”

If you’re an online retailer, you need to get mobile optimised… yesterday! According to a study by GfK, 45% of all shopping journeys now involve mobile (with this figure rising to 57% for Millennials). Even more significant is that the study shows companies with omni-channel engagement retain almost 90% of their customers. So when it comes to displaying your products visually, it’s important to cater for mobile and tablet users.


  1. “Take Instagram seriously…”

Instagram isn’t just for the kids – it’s one of the biggest social media platforms, second only to Facebook in global users. Moreover, it’s perhaps the fastest growing social app out there. Not only does Instagram now offer an immersive storefront for retailers to sell directly from posts, but it’s also a great platform for influencer outreach.


  1. “It’s time to combine in-store with online!”

From bricks and mortar to ‘click and order’, the consumer landscape has drastically changed. But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a place for shops. Contrary to popular belief, Millennial shoppers still like the high street according to a survey by Credit Suisse. But 2018 is the year to bring both online and shop floor together. For instance, Instagram-worthy VM will get your brand noticed on social, and well-lit changing rooms provide a welcome environment for selfies.


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